Our Core Initiatives and Strategies

The Mokelumne Coast to Crest Trail Council is committed to the following three broad initiatives and strategies, and will work collaboratively throughout all five regions to achieve them.

Sustainable Funding

  • Secure sufficient, sustainable funding for all phases of trail advocacy and support: public consensus, design, operations, and maintenance

Trails Within Reach

  • Connect land and people by increasing opportunities for visitors and residents to learn about, enjoy, and steward the natural areas and trails that surround communities
  • Increase the trail’s internet presence to better guide users to learn about trail use and to plan their trip

Thriving Communities

  • Support collaborative leadership and create active partnerships for projects that meet the community’s economic and public health goals

3 thoughts on “Our Core Initiatives and Strategies

  1. The thought of a coast to crest trail has crossed my mind a few times recently, but until I randomly came across your website tonight, I had no idea that people are actually working to make it a reality (and have been for 24 years!) Where is the November 20th Trailbusters workday going to be? I currently live in Sonora.
    Regards, Andrew Cushman

    1. Hello Andrew,
      The Trailbusters meet on EBMUD land down around Valley Springs, with specific days arranged at specific places. I am forwarding your email to the Trailbusters coordinator, Steve Diers. He works for EBMUD and his number is 209 772-8260 at his office, which is a good place to contact him. Thank you Andrew!

    2. Andrew: Thank you for your interest in the MCCT & the Trailbusters. The Mokelumne Trailbusters, a dedicated group of volunteers managed by East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD), is involved in land stewardship projects in Amador and Calaveras Counties on Camanche & Pardee Watersheds. Information on the Trailbusters, the MCCT on EBMUD and the Mokelumne Monitor which includes the schedule of Trailbuster workdays & Tours is available at: http://www.ebmud.com/recreation/trail-use-permit/sierra-foothills-trails. If you are interested in the November 20 workday please email me at the address below & I will forward you the specific details of the workday. Happy Trails, Steve

      Steve Diers


      Ranger/Naturalist II

      Trails & Volunteer Programs

      Mokelumne Watershed Unit

      Natural Resources Department

      Phone: (209) 772-8260 – Fax: (209) 772-1047

      Email: sdiers@ebmud.com

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