Longest Mile Trail Wildflower Walk

Longest Mile Trail (map coming soon)


Trail Description

  • rugged & difficult at times
  • Altitude change (coming soon)
  • x miles, one-way (coming soon)
  • single track with stairs built into the mountainside

Trail Accessibility

This trail is not wheelchair accessible

Area History  (coming soon)

Side Trips (map coming soon)

  • James Bar Trail
  • Mokelumne Hill history tour
  • Mokelumne Hill wineries

Parking (map coming soon)

  • Middle Bar Parking Lot on Gwin Mine Rd.

General Trail Safety

  • Use between sunrise and sunset
  • Stay on trail
  • Carry water and snacks
  • Carry a GPS and bring a friend along
  • Signage – Where the trail is signed it is marked at intervals with oval green, beige and white logo signs on 4×4 trail posts
  • Leave-No-Trace—The MCCT Council supports and encourages LNT practices while on the trail
  • Camping – Not allowed on the trail.
  • Fire – Fire danger can be extreme, campfires, camp stoves, and smoking are prohibited

Notes for the Wildflower Hike:

Here is a rare chance for you to see this magnificent portion of the Mokelumne Coast to Crest Trail with native plants experts as guides!  After meeting at the Middle Bar Take Out parking lot, we will carpool/caravan to the jump off point (since this starting point is behind locked gates, it is not accessible to the public without a ranger – we will all arrive together and leave together).  Then we will take the “ankle express” (hike) from James Bar west to Patti’s Point on one of the most beautiful and challenging segments of the MCCT on EBMUD watershed, “The Longest Mile”. For 10 years, California Conservation Corps, Mokelumne Trailbusters, and California Youth Authority wards worked on this remote one-mile segment of the MCCT between Patti’s Point and the Log Boom. Participants should plan ahead as we will stay together on the hike and after the hike we will not leave until everyone is carpooled back to their vehicles.  and a view of this segment of trail is under “Have some free time? Take a hike”.

Difficulty: The route between Spanish Gulch and Patti’s Point is very rugged and steep because of property boundaries and topography.  The elevation change in this half mile is 550 feet.  Stone stairs, landings, and retaining walls have been constructed to mitigate these steep grades.  Round trip is about 2-3 miles and much of the route is a difficult grade.  The hike, one way from James Bar to Patti’s Point, takes about 2 hours.

BRING: Bring a bag lunch, comfortable hiking shoes, backpack, canteen, sunscreen, insect repellent, long pants (to protect against stickers and insects), binoculars, and camera.

Not recommended for children under 7½ years old.  Participants under the age of 18 must have written permission from a parent or guardian and those under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.  No pets or alcohol permitted.

Field guides: If you would like to bring along a field guide, one of these beautifully illustrated guides are all you’ll need to locate and identify hundreds of native plants that grow in California ’s Gold Country and both are available in Sutter Creek at Bubble Gum Book Store:

Wildflower Walks and Roads of the Sierra Gold Country by Toni Fauver

Peterson Field Guide to Pacific States Wildflowers by Nichaus/Ripper

Directions: To the Middle Bar Take Out Parking Lot

From Paloma:

  • Travel north about 3 miles on Gwin Mine Road
  • Cross over the Middle Bar Bridge
  • The Middle Bar Take Out Parking Lot is on the left

From Highway 49 between Jackson & the Mokelumne River:

  • Travel south about 3 miles on Middle Bar Road
  • Just before the Middle Bar Bridge the Middle Bar Take Out Parking Lot is on the right


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