Delta & Central Valley

open trail map
Open trail along the Mokelumne Coast to Crest Trail 

Western boundary at Antioch at the Eastern end of the San Francisco Bay. Eastern boundary at Camanche Reservoir. Trail is not open and signed in this segment. Planning is underway.

Kayaking, floating, and other boating, bird watching, riverbank exploring, and fishing

  • Caution – depending on the season, river runs swiftly and at very low temperatures.
  • Leave-No-Trace—The MCCT Council supports and encourages LNT practices.
  • Side Trip – from the MCCT one can enter nearby cities and towns. Various cultural historical sites exist along the river in this segment. More information when an alignment is chosen.

Trail Conditions
The trail alignment is not set. Trail is not yet designed or planned.

Existing Mokelumne River access points are EBMUD Mokelumne Day Use Area, San Joaquin County Stillman-McGee Park, city of Lodi Lake, and San Joaquin County Woodbridge Regional Park.

Current status
Trail is in its pre-planning phase. Trail alignment is not determined.

Remaining Work to Complete Segment
The MCCT hopes to begin working with public and private agencies and individuals to scope out a trail alignment, map the trail, and secure funding to construct the segment.

California State Parks
Contact: Cheryl Essex

Great California Delta Trail
Contact: Delta Protection Commission

City of Stockton

San Joaquin County COG

Lower Mokelumne River Watershed Council

Upcoming Events and Volunteer Opportunities

Recent Events

For More Information
Contact Mary Boblet

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