Middle Mokelumne

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This segment’s western end is at Highway 49 Bridge over the Mokelumne River and then continues east to Tiger Creek Reservoir’s forebay, adjacent to the US Forest Service boundary


Planning is underway, however an alignment does not yet exist. Mokelumne Hill. Eastern boundary at Tiger Creek Forebay.

Pat McGreevy and the Calaveras District 2 Trail Group spent several years exploring, surveying and mapping potential routes for the approximate 20 miles of trail in this segment. The Goals of the Calaveras Trail Group are to map all trail open to the public and to identify potential trails for development.


Current status
In planning.

Remaining Work to Complete Segment
Plan and build trail segment.

Accomplishments to date

Bureau of Land Management

Calaveras District 2 Trails Group
Contact: Pat McGreevy 209-293-2181

Upcoming Events and Volunteer Opportunities

Recent Events

For More Information
Pat McGreevy, District 2 Trails Group

3 thoughts on “Middle Mokelumne

  1. Your main page suggests this part of the trail is accessible but here it says “in planning”. Your info is all over the place…
    “Spectacular views are available from the Mokelumne Coast to Crest Trail where it comes through Calaveras County in the Middle Mokelumne…”

    1. Anne, I confirmed your quote appeared on the gocalaveras.com site, managed by Calaveras County Visitor Bureau. Their staff corrected their content.

      In summary, The Camanche Pardee segment trail is open throughout East Bay Municipal Utility District land, basically along Camanche and Pardee reservoirs. A small portion of the Camanche Pardee segment is upriver from the EBMUD property line. This small portion is not signed and not open. Upriver from there brings you to the Middle Mokelumne segment. This segment is not planned.

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