Wildermuth House Trail


  • Park at Campo Seco Staging Area
  • Easy 2/3 mile round trip walk with elevation difference of less than 50 feet

Permitted uses

  • horseback riding
  • hiking

Trail Accessible

Trail is comprised primarily of all-weather gravel roads with mild to moderate slope.

Wildermuth House Trail Description

  • Permitted trail – purchase trail use permit online before your trip. Permit applies to you, your family and 3 guests
  • .33 mile one way
  • Altitude change = +50 feet, gently sloped
  • Accessible restrooms at Campo Seco Staging Area
  • No dogs allowed on EBMUD property


Camanche Recreation Area Campgrounds – North and South

Pardee Recreation Area Campgrounds

Note: Because of the intense boating & water activities at Camanche Reservoir from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend, Camanche campgrounds fill, but not Turkey Hill or Pardee Recreation Area Campgrounds.

Pardee Recreation Area is closed November through January.

Area History

click image to open photo album

The Wildermuth House is shown in this historic photo with three of the Wildermuth children, from the left, John Andrew, Ada and Isaac. All three were born in the stone home. The Wildermuth House is an excellent example of the stone masonry work of William A. Watt.  The home was built for John H. Wildermuth in 1861. Hand-dressed sandstone blocks which were quarried from the hillside nearby were used in the construction. The Wildermuth House is situated near the old Campo Seco Road, which was heavily traveled between the mining centers of Campo Seco and Paloma, site of the famous Gwin Mine.

“It was a home of old-time hospitality, simple, informal and warm. The family life was abundant, sunny, generous, sensible and good–a reflection of the spirit of those who made it.” *

*From the December 17, 1904 obituary for Elizabeth Wildermuth

Side Trips

  • continue east on the trail to Lawry Flat Corral
  • see the EBMUD Pardee trail map for additional trails of various levels in the immediate area

Parking at Campo Seco Staging Area for vehicles and horse trailers

  • directions to parking area on Campo Seco Rd., located about 3.2  miles from Valley Springs

Wildermuth House Trail Safety

  • Sign in at trailhead & carry your permit, use between sunrise and sunset
  • Stay on trails, entering the water is prohibited for you and your horse
  • Pack in your own water and snacks
  • Carry a GPS and bring a friend along
  • Signage – Where the trail is signed it is marked at intervals with oval green, beige and white logo signs on 4×4 trail posts
  • Leave-No-Trace—The MCCT Council supports and encourages LNT practices while on the trail
  • Camping – Not allowed on the trail
  • Fire – Fire danger can be extreme, and fires, camp stoves, and smoking are prohibited

Wildermuth House trail was designed, built, and signed by EBMUD.

2 thoughts on “Wildermuth House Trail

    1. If you’re from the area there may very well be a chance you are. That would be awesome to find family history in the area. I hope you look into this and I wish you the best.

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