2016 MCCT Bear Valley to Mosquito Lake Survey

Hello Forest Service!

This is a little trail marker photo essay between two locations: the parking lot across the highway in Bear Valley, and Ebbetts Pass. I did not visit all intersections and trailheads. Our offer still stands to borrow the Council’s Trimble Juno SB to map Moore Creek to Ebbetts Pass trail this summer. Thanks for all that you do!  – MCCT Trail Council

Hwy 4 crossing sign adjacent to 07N40Y unnamed Bear Valley parking lot

38° 27’52.69639″ N   120° 2′ 35.63299″ W


Bear Valley to Lake Alpine Trail marker in unnamed parking area next to Bear Valley tennis courts.








38° 27’52.69639″ W   120° 2′ 35.63299″ W


Chickaree Picnic/Day Use Area @ Lake Alpine








38°28’54.74079″ N  119°59’31.78419″W


19E01 Emigrant Trail to Stanislaus Meadow 08N13

38° 28’49.56739″N  119° 59′ 8.16099″W


Silver Valley TH 19E01 Emigrant Trail (did not locate polygon shaped trailhead sign)

38° 28′ 54.49700″N 119° 59′ 31.03869″W


19E01 Emigrant Trail at 08N13 Stanislaus Meadow Parking








38° 30′ 21.38120″ N 119° 56′ 38.80999″ W


Stanislaus Meadow Parking Kiosk

38° 30’21.38120″ N   119° 56’38.80999″ W


08N13 Stanislaus Meadow at 19E01 Emigrant Trail

38° 30’21.38120″ N   119° 56’38.80999″ W


19E94 Heiser Lake Trail junction with new connector trail (Pacific Valley Grade trail?)









38°30’52.50580″ N   119° 54’50.34139″ W


No images:

19E01 Emigrant Trail junction with Sandy Meadows

New connector trail (Pacific Valley Grade Trail?) at 19E43 Pacific Valley

19E43 (trail name?) at 20E01 Marshall Canyon Trail    38°49’66.54N  119°89’59.04″ W

20E01 Marshall Canyon Trail thru Milk Ranch Meadows. Willow Flat Trail & Hiram Meadow Trail junctions

20EO1 Marshall Canyon Trail at 8N01 Tryon Meadow 38°50’58.70″N  119°80’26.68″W

8N01 Tryon Meadow to Highland Lakes

Highland Lakes to Gardner Meadow Trailhead

20EO2 Lower Gardner Meadow Trail to Pacific Crest Trail to Ebbetts Pass Connector to Ebbetts Pass TH. Include Disaster, Arnot Creek, Asa Lake, Wolf Creek Pass, Noble Canyon Trail, Bull Canyon Trail, Asa Lake Spur junctions.



Sign installation complete