Board of Directors

P. O. Box 963, Arnold, CA 95223
as of April 1, 2018

Board of Directors

Chairman: Steve Diers
Vice Chairman: vacant
Secretary/Treasurer: Mary Boblet
Webmaster: Mary Boblet


Dorothy and Bob Foster (read their story)

Active Trail Council Members

Mary Boblet, Treasurer
Upper Mokelumne River Canyon Segment Coordinator, 209-287-2268

Steve Diers, Chairman
Camanche/Pardee Segment Coordinator

John Mercurio 

East Bay – Contra Costa County Segment Coordinator

Former Board Members & Volunteers

Barbara Bowers
Joseph R. Chavoen, Jr.
Louise Hogerheide
Pat McGreevy
Matt Patwell
Sue Shalvey
Sherrill Shotigian
Karen Smart
Phil Swartzell
Jean M. Tarabek
Marilynn Terstegge
Robert Yates

10 thoughts on “Board of Directors

  1. How might the San Joaquin Bicycle Coalition fit into helping promote the trail plan? And, how do you see bicycles playing into use of the trail itself? I am the treasurer of the San Joaquin bicycle coalition, by the way. Thanks! Tim Viall.

    1. thanks for getting in touch with the Trail Council Tim. Bicycling is an integral part of what we do on our trail. You will be excited to learn we are embarking on a bold and exciting plan to lay out trail in the San Joaquin/Delta area. Let’s talk by phone or meet to introduce you to our trail and discuss how you can help.

  2. Are you still a 501c3? Guidestar shows the last 990 filed was 2000. I would like to make a donation but am uncertain of the tax status

    1. 2000 is the ruling year – the year the organization became a 501(c)3. Thank you for your support. Our 990N information is available on the CA state website. I have also requested access to manage our GuideStar profile and will update asap.

      1. Form 990 needs to be filed every year. Guidestar is the point of reference to validate 501c3 status. Where would they be filed on the CA State website? I rode a part of the trail, and would like to help out.

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